Lifestyle Reshaper

Online Coaching

Personal and Group Training

Lifestyle re-shaper:

4-6 weeks of support.
3 One on One sessions 90 mins each.
Full movement plan delivered.
Eating guidelines set.
Accountability provided through ‘check ins’ and Skype.
The necessary tools and skills will be given to sustain a lifestyle full of varied movement and activity and interesting and challenging training sessions. You will also be left with a base of real nutrition knowledge to help live a healthy, vibrant and energetic life.

Online coaching:

Weekly Skype meetings 30 mins each.
Weekly movement plan.
Eating guidelines.
Accountability through ‘check ins’ and Skype.

Personal training and group training:

Enjoy and be challenged by weekly training sessions.
Each session delivers strength, mobility and general physical condition demands. Every session is varied and is a progression in practice. Eating guidelines and movement plans are provided each week. Combining these 3 elements will provide guaranteed positive health results.

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